GSOC ROCKS is a new interactive game that we are piloting with Grand Slam of Curling International Fans.

Fans from around the world may choose to play the game or not. At any time during the game, you may turn it off.

The game works as follows…

During the program we will periodically ask questions about the event or perhaps pose some general curling trivia questions. A graphic overlay will appear in the bottom right of the player screen where you will see the question and can select your answer. Once all of the answers are collected, we will show the results again in the bottom right of the player screen.


During phase one of this pilot we are simply looking to gauge fan interest in playing interactive games. Based on the response and feedback we receive we will evolve the game to suit fans’ interests.


Assuming a successful phase 1, we will expand the offering with more predictive questions and create a Leaderboard so fans can view their progress towards becoming the GSOC ROCKS Champion. The person with the most points at the end of the season will be crowned the “GSOC ROCKS International Champion!

At this time, viewers of the Champions Cup and Players’ Championship events will only be able to participate in Phase 1.

To Play GSOC ROCKS game, simply select the WATCH button during any live event and start watching the live stream. Questions will periodically appear in the bottom right corner of the player screen.

Please note that the GSOC ROCKS game is only available for Live streams and not On Demand.

The game is currently supported on Windows PC and MACs. It will not work when using AirPlay or Chromecast. Mobile devices and connect TVs are also not supported at this time.